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October Updates

Added on by Jonathan O'Briant.

I'm having trouble staying optimistic about the comics. Public Education 3 sales are terrible. No one reads Skeletons. Maps 2 has sold less than the first. We're getting constant diminishing returns on our products even though I feel like the quality is increasing month to month and year to year. All our sales have been off the novelty of us making books, and now the novelty has worn off. I'm excited about future projects but I can't really say they're more commercially viable than anything that's come before, and some of them don't even aspire to be. Cartooning is increasingly difficult in a busy adult life, and while I'm still going to make time for it the financial burden of publishing the books is becoming a very real obstacle in my life.

All that venting aside, I have been productive. Skeletons has entered the final third of the production side. I have to do a few more paintings for backgrounds, but that's pretty exciting. I haven't been painting much at all lately. Maps 3 pencils are over halfway done. They're going slowly with all the retooling I'm doing throughout, but as always, the exchanges between Timothy and I are only serving to strengthen the final product. Public Education is always plugging away fine.

I'm going to try and get into more regular Curve entries, but no promises. Just a challenge for myself. Until we meet again.