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2/3 of MAPS 3

Added on by Jonathan O'Briant.

I recently crossed the 48 page mark on my pencils for MAPS 3. To check on the books progress, and give myself a touch of perspective, I reread what I've done so far. In some ways it's better than I had anticipated. I will want to work on the dialogue in the first few pages. It's a little open ended for the beginning of the story. I think a lot will be fixed with the "our story til now" page, but relying on that exclusively feels like lazy story telling.

I need to seed in the cultures reverence for the sun throughout the story more to best justify actions towards the end as well. I always notice things I should have done differently in previous MAPS when I start reading them aloud to my class. I'm adding in more captions at scene changes, because I always notice improvising those explanations when I read them to my classes.

I hope that I'm striking a better balance in this issue. I want to keep the pacing very quick and have lots of set pieces per story. The trick is putting in the quieter moments to build tension and strengthen the characters. I'm not sure I've hit the emotive notes I want to yet, but MAPS 3 will certainly solidify how powerful Sartr can be, and why Elwood is the hero of our story.