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Added on by Jonathan O'Briant.

I've been grossly negligent of the Comic Curve lately. Public Education and skeletons keeps rolling along without a hitch, I'm keeping a weekly schedule of 3 P.E. strips and 3 skeletons panels, this keeps me ahead on Public Ed and on pace with skeletons.

I've completed the third round of edits on When the Warlock and we're going to try out a new printer. I need to send the files to the new printer, but all the work is done. I'm hoping to get this sent off later today, before life comes around and gets in the way again.

cover stuff.jpg

It shouldn't be too much work, I've just got to ZIP some PDFs and pay for the product. Not too much left to do, and it's nice to have a big window on completion before Appleseed. We're going to be cutting it super close on getting Maps 2 done before the convention.