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Wrap It Up

Added on by Jonathan O'Briant.

I've sent the final approval on the printing of When the Warlock and that feels great. I think that the project is really cool and I'm eager to see other people's responses to it. I'm not sure if that'll go on sale prior to Appleseed Con or not. I'm leaning toward starting the sales early though. Spacing out our releases a little bit. I'll have three books completed this year and I'd like to have them as equally distributed as possible.

I also have been hard at work on Maps. Book 2 is nearing it's end and I've gone through my first run through on edits. Not even half as many corrections as I had on Warlock, which I think is pretty incredible. I've also completed the page by page spine of Maps 3 and have begun the layouts for our future installment. I don't know how Timothy feels, but I think it's exciting to be in the last phases of one Maps while in the the first phases of the next.