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Moving Toward My Goals

Added on by Timothy O'Briant.

I'm pretty happy and excited about where I am with the comics right now. When the Warlock is a good project, and the people that have seen it are complimentary. Maps 2 looks fantastic and the proof will be finished soon. I'm getting really excited for Appleseed and it's awesome that Timothy and I have acquired a panel to go along with our table. 

I've been giving a lot of thought to our panel, which will feature Timothy and myself along with one or two special guests. I thought it'd be smart to write down some of my spitball ideas.

- How long have you been making comics? What got you into making comics initially? When did you get serious about cartooning?

- How cognizant of your target audience are you when crafting a product? Do you tailor your advertising to those markets?

- How much time do you devote to comics a day/week? What motivates you to keep on the grind?

- Inspiration? Other comics? Other mediums? How does the entertainment you consume warp the products you make?

- Advice to other cartoonists, advice to yourself?

- Questions

- Pimp books and tables.

I'm not sure how many more questions I'll need between the four of us. I imagine we'll be able to bounce conversation off of each other indefinitely, but if there is anything that teaching has taught me, it's that you always want to be over prepared than under.