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New Release

Added on by Jonathan O'Briant.

Well my short project is finally in print and available for sale after eight quick months. It feels good to have another work completed but I've been pretty slack about getting word out and advertising in general. I probably should have, and could have gotten some spots on friends podcasts to help promote the title, and yet I've just been plugging away at comics very quietly and trying to juggle my life around continuing to get comic work out there and improving.

The books themselves turned out beautiful and I will continue to use Keness for future projects. They were great about questions and helping me get the book off the ground. I really appreciate that after working with some of the 'bigger' print on demand services. There's tons of product out there so be sure to get your book at our store.

The next month leading up to Appleseed will be devoted to the looming MAPS kickstarter and finishing up the last bits of production on that title. It looks to be amazing and I'm really proud of how our series is progressing. I'd like to keep working on MAPS 3, but I'll probably be working more on art for title pages and prints for the second volume for the immediate future.