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Lots to Do

Added on by Jonathan O'Briant.

When the Warlock is up for sale.

Maps 2 Kickstarter has begun.

Public Education and skeletons roll on uninterrupted.

Maps 3 layouts are in progress as well as the plotting of my work for Avant Garde.

It's a lot of work that goes into keeping Strips4 running. I've been pretty remiss about advertising Warlock, and that's dumb. I want to push it hard for Appleseed Con, but that's no excuse on how little I've been out in public with the book.

I'm really fretting over my original art piece for the Kickstarter campaign. I was worried about my art costing the same amount as Timothy or Harry Moyer's anyway. Now that the incentive has already been purchased the stress weighs on me even more heavily. I've got one finished version already, but it's not where the piece should be. Sarah gave me some good pointers as I was sketching out revised versions of the piece last night. I'm not going to sell subpar work, I just hope I can get a picture drawn that I'm happy with before too many completed drafts.

Public Education has continued to climb it's way to the next summer when I'll start putting together Volume 3. This year, it's been harder to get my strips done over the course of the week. I've been spending a lot of Saturdays and Sundays working on the entirety of the PE strips, rather than just scanning them in like I had been able to.

The future projects are pressing on my mind, but have taken a back burner the past week. I have to make sure everything is ready for Appleseed in May. Then the new work can take the brunt of my time.