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Appleseeds Planted

Added on by Jonathan O'Briant.

Our first con behind a table can only be described as an overwhelming success.

We survived cancelled flights, broke down cars, torrential downpours, and 16 hours in a car both ways. Appleseed was a cartoonist trial by fire.

We learned a lot about selling books at the table but it was certainly through mistakes. I need to say that John Dudley is a master salesman, it was a wonder to behold the way he peddaled Packs of the Low Country. It doesn't hurt that the book looks great, but a con floor is all about how you present yourself. Next time I think we're going to offer free sketches to kids. We pulled in a lot more eyes when we offered free prints the second day. There also has to be better ways to organize the table, though I'm still unsure of how to capitalize on that. I had a great conversation with Jim Rugg about this very issue.

We had a lot of interactions with top talent all weekend, and it was great to finally meet a lot of fellow Low Concept anthologists. Our table was right beside Jon Westhoff of King Bone Press, and the aforemetioned John Dudley and Don Cardenas. It's really nice to have tables beside friends that could help each other sell a book or make a lunch run.

The coolest thing about the con was seeing all the great guys I've been working with over the past few years on comics. But right behind that is how working the table, being behind the scenes a little bit, really legitimized my cartooning in my own head. For the first time I didn't feel like a teacher doodling sketches in his room, I felt like a cartoonist. And that has been a truly overwhelming experience.

It was a great kick off for Maps 2. Be sure to pick it up from our store.