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Added on by Jonathan O'Briant.

Heroes has lit a fire under my rear and I'm hitting my comic work this week with a newfound ferocity. I've established a clear cut schedule for the summer and I should be able to make tremendous leaps forward in my productivity if I can hold up to my plans.

Public Education has all of the comic work completed for volume 3, and I'll be spending one day a week working on assembling and formatting the new book. I talked with a few big name fans of the book at Heroes Con, and I'm hoping to get a pull quote or two for the back of the new book. Up first for today is sorting through the 300+ strips and figuring out which are my top 180. The assembling of P.E. will start at 3 days a week until the book is at the printer.

Maps 3 will also be on a 3 day a week schedule. I've finished two thirds of the initial layouts and think I should be able to wrap those up and move into edits in a fairly timely manner. I'm hoping to get to the pencils early in the summer so that I can get a good head start on wrapping my work on Maps 3 before the years end.

Skeletons will be getting one day a week until I get to the printing phases of P.E. 3, then those two projects will switch in focus. I'll have much less to do on P.E. later this summer, which means I can really make some headway into finishing up skeletons. If everything goes ideally I could potentially have my work on skeletons finished up this summer and have plenty of time to think about the printing before the project has finished online. Special thanks to Sarah for the pep talk at dinner this weekend to remind me the importance of finishing work that's important to me.