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New Book!

Added on by Jonathan O'Briant.

Public Education is here and available for sale! Three volumes in six years, I'm meeting every expectation I'd set for myself with this project. I hope you've been enjoying the new strips coming out on this very website. You can pick up the new book here.

I'm glad to have antoher book done, and my goal for this one is to do a better job of advertising. I took a huge drop in sales from PE 1 to PE 2, and I need to make sure that I get this one in front of as many eyes as possible. I've already gotten it onto facebook, twitter and comic forums. The tough things are going to be keeping the advertising up and trying to get the book in front of new people.

The book doesn't look as incongruous as I was fearing switching from pen to brush part of the way through. Most of the book is brush work and while the thinner lines stick out to me, I don't think it's abrasive to those that didn't actually make the strips.

This book also sums up my first two years teaching Kindergarten, and the differences in the strips is noticeable. A lot more fart and vomit jokes mostly. I am a little disappointed in some redundancy of language that may have been less apparent had I ordered the strips differently in the book. I didn't notice it the first half dozen read throughs, but it's pretty glaring now. Something to add to my list of checks in editing volume 4.