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Falling Apart

Added on by Jonathan O'Briant.

Lately I've been terrible about updating skeletons. It's a project that I still enjoy but it's also the first project I put off, every single time. Some of the reason for this is I feel like it isn't a marketable property. Alternately I also don't think anyone is reading it, so it doesn't bring hits to the website either.

I've been spending most of my (rapidly diminishing) time for cartooning on a four pager for the next Saddle Sore anthology, and finishing work on  When the Warlock' which I want to have published before Appleseed Con this coming May. 

w 91.jpg

I may be juggling too many projects at once. I need to wrap a few things up. The anthology piece will be the fastest to complete, so maybe I should start there. Although, I have a couple months left to finish that piece. So maybe I should really be building up some more backlog of skeletons. The rapid pace I've been keeping on the release schedule of skeletons has made it hard to keep up with. I think it's necessary for the pacing of the webcomic, but like I said- no one's reading it. Rather than dropping off for a week or more I may be better off slowing down the release of skeletons and making sure it gets out consistently since I'm not getting anything published in the project at present.